5 tips to make your Thanksgiving entertaining easy

Source: Pinterest - Better Homes & Gardens
Source: Pinterest – Better Homes & Gardens

Canadian Thanksgiving is right around the corner…

Hosting any meal at your home is exactly like hosting a small event, especially when it comes to holidays.  Here are 5 of my favourite go-to tips to make your day seamless (and one that you can enjoy too!):

Décor: Right now in stores there are a ton of squashes, pumpkins etc. in differing colours. A few of those centred on your Thanksgiving table can add that lovely Autumn touch (with little work!)

Table Settings: Have you ever been to an event or dinner when the host says ‘ok, now it’s time to sit down, everyone find a seat’ it can end up being a HUGE traffic jam.   Take a few minutes, use a fall-inspired coloured piece of paper and simply write and cut out everyone’s names who are attending.  Place them on each table setting to help everyone find their seat a little bit easier and then you don’t end up directing traffic!  (For extra bonus points, set your table and your names the night before)

Dessert or Appetizers: When guests ask what they can bring to dinner, be very specific and DO take them up on their offer to help! This will ease your day immensely – YES please do bring dessert or that appetizer that you’re ‘known’ for.

Entertaining Guests: You may already have a lot on your hands in prepping your Thanksgiving festivities so prep a few items ahead of time that you can put out to keep guests entertained – then you won’t feel pressure to do this. Board games always work (turn off the tv) and get people involved in just being and visiting with each other. Two of my favourite games are Apples to Apples or Cranium which large groups of adults and kids can play.

Ask for help: If you’re the host, you’re likely to put a lot of love and organizing into the dinner and you should be able to take the time to relax with family and friends too.  Ask two of your guests either ahead of time or when they arrive if they can take on the duty of clearing the table & bringing over dessert.  It will allow you to have a nice break where you can actually ENJOY the mealtime (then you can deal with all of the dishes much, much later)

I hope these tips help you make your Thanksgiving easy AND enjoyable! If you have more helpful tips, please share with us in the comments section below.

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