5 Ways to Put a Little SPRING into Your Step

I think March can be an interesting time of year – weather, work and everyday life, we’re about a quarter through 2015 and Spring is about to start.

For some Winter should be transitioning into Spring and for some of us, grey skies are still upon us. We are into the groove of work, perhaps ramping up for an event or planning towards the Summer already. We’re heavily into our routines. Let’s be honest – it feels like it was just January, time is flying and we may need a little energy kick? This is how I’ve been feeling so I wanted to share with you 5 ways to put a little SPRING back into your step –

1) To Do Lists:

By this time of year to-do lists can become long and feel insurmountable. A trick I use which I picked up along the way is as follows – keep them short and achievable per day. Write a top 7 to-do’s per day – 3 large tasks, 3 medium and 1 small & simple. I can’t believe how much this changed how I do things everyday and how much more realistic it made all of my tasks to complete.

2) Colour:

Depending on where you live, you could be blessed with gorgeous Spring weather or still experiencing Winter. Either way, a great way to brighten things up in your home or at work is fresh flowers. It’s amazing what a little plant life will do for you. My personal favourite are hydrangeas because you can make them last a few weeks. Tip: when they seem to be wilting, cut the stems shorter and fill the vase with hot water. You can refill the vase every few days with hot water; this seems to prolong their life and/or wake them up if wilting.

3) Try a New Activity:

I like to shake things up in the fitness department and I find the Spring-time a great point to do so. Perhaps there is a new workout you’ve been wanting to try or fitness studio. For me, I’ve noticed ‘Surf’ studios popping up around the city and what better way to feel fresh than a surf (daydreaming about the sun & sand will be up to you 😉

4) Refresh your Wardrobe:

I find in the Winter months I tend to wear darker colours. Brighten things up by moving some of your darker clothes to the back of the closet and bring out some of your brighter colours to wear. There is something about a fresh, bright colour that makes me happy when I’m wearing it. Or, if there are a few things you want to ‘retire’ from your closet do just that. And if you’re so inclined, replace with a few new items that make you feel great!

5) Cook Seasonally:

One thing I like to do is let the seasonal food in the grocery store influence what I cook. I may even try something new or search for a recipe to include a new piece of produce I found at the store. Check out what is being sold if you have a farmer’s market nearby and be inspired in your next cooking adventure!

Until next time,