It’s Wedding Season! 5 Creative Ideas for Gift-Giving

It’s that time of year – from hotels to community halls to golf courses to beaches and even backyards – the summer wedding season is upon us. Weddings are an everyday event – they happen all the time and all year round, a celebration which involves many elements including the tradition of gift-giving from the guests to the happy couple.  What I’ve noticed in the past couple of years is the more ‘traditional’ gifts of ‘home appliances’ are going by …Read More

Spring Reboot

We’re lucky here in Calgary to be having just lovely Spring weather.  For me the warmer temperatures, sunshine and blue skies have motivated me to get organized and Spring clean, specifically with my business! Included in this category is my desk – I just came off from a week of working three events and my desk suffered (even more) as a dumping ground for paper, pens, sharpies, scissors, tape, hockey pucks…the list goes on. I booked in a few hours …Read More

When you need a little extra motivation

With being an event planner I find my schedule goes through highs and lows pretty regularly – I will have a bunch of events all coming together at once and I am just FULL with work; then I come down from these times and my schedule is in more of a lull. I like the ebbs and flows and that is why I love what I do. But I will admit, during those times when it’s quite full I need …Read More

5 Ways to Put a Little SPRING into Your Step

I think March can be an interesting time of year – weather, work and everyday life, we’re about a quarter through 2015 and Spring is about to start. For some Winter should be transitioning into Spring and for some of us, grey skies are still upon us. We are into the groove of work, perhaps ramping up for an event or planning towards the Summer already. We’re heavily into our routines. Let’s be honest – it feels like it was …Read More

What are you doing this weekend?

By now you’ve realized I’m slightly obsessed with quotes – they inspire, they fire me up, they help me reflect and sometimes it’s just nice to know that a some point, some where, some one was thinking the exact same thing. I love sharing my favourites with you and after one heck of a week, I cannot wait for the weekend So this weekend, this is exactly what I’m going to be doing – ‘taking time to do what makes …Read More