Give Yourself a Fresh Start this Month

How did you feel when the calendar turned from 2015 to 2016? I was EXCITED and I also breathed a sign of relief.

I will tell you that 2015 for me was Fast. Insane. Full. Packed. Blurry.

None of these words are things I wanted to take into 2016 with me; so, I wrote them on paper and then subsequently tossed the paper away. A sort of symbolic ‘I am not taking those same themes with me into 2016′

Well, here we are, already a couple weeks in and I’m taking things a bit slower, making things a bit more simple and most of all being open to starting things fresh.

Slow. Simple. Fresh.

Those are words I AM writing down everywhere I can see them so that I can use them as a guide this year in business and in my personal life.  So far, its working and I feel fantastic.

My challenge to you – choose 1-3 words that resonate with how you want to show up in 2016.  Then, write them somewhere you’ll see them often and use them as a reminder when things get  a bit blurry.

I’d love to hear which words you choose for 2016! Tell me more in the comments section below.

Until next time,

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