It’s Wedding Season! 5 Creative Ideas for Gift-Giving

It’s that time of year – from hotels to community halls to golf courses to beaches and even backyards – the summer wedding season is upon us.

Weddings are an everyday event – they happen all the time and all year round, a celebration which involves many elements including the tradition of gift-giving from the guests to the happy couple.  What I’ve noticed in the past couple of years is the more ‘traditional’ gifts of ‘home appliances’ are going by the way-side and we’re seeing some new, creative and unique ideas being thrown into the ring – I love it.

Here are 5 ideas for a more modern take on gift-giving – ideas that may inspire you to your own creative gift-giving during wedding season:

1) Contribute to their honeymoon

Couples may setup their ‘honeymoon registry’ via sites like HoneyFund, but even if this is not an option, if you know where they’re headed you can always do a little research as to where they’re going, perhaps there is a restaurant or activity you could buy them a gift card for.

2) Create a ‘date night’ basket

Restaurant gift cards; movie or local theatre tickets; wine; chocolates; hotel stay – in this one you can really let your imagination fly!

3) Picture Frame

Ok, so this may sound regular and simple, however, you could attach a little note that says you will gift them one of their favourite photos from the wedding printed in whichever size they like.  A lovely keepsake that sometimes couples might not take the time to do until later and you can help them start.

4) Create a ‘first picnic’ basket

Complete with a blanket, a few treats, a bottle of bubbly and a little note ‘to your first picnic together.’

5) Subscription Service

Is the couple budding foodies? Do they love their wine or spirits? Local groceries? There are a ton of new subscription services out there, tailored to many individual tastes – Why not start them off with a 3-month subscription to one of their favourites – delivered straight to their door. CLUBW is one example as well as Love with Food

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