My 5 Event Day Essentials (aka life-savers!)

Event Day EssentialsAs I prepared to go away for work on the weekend I realized I have a few key items I ALWAYS have with me when working at events – a sneak peak for you you are my Top 5 Event Day Essentials (AKA Life-Savers)

Tieks (comfortable shoes are KEY!) When you’re standing for 8-10 hours at an event TRUST me when I say you need a pair of shoes that can stand it.  I treated myself to a pair of Tieks last year, they’re cute but also comfy plus they’ve got me through long weekend events with my feet still intact.

BKR water bottle (by FAR my favourite water bottle) It’s a glass in a silicone sleeve so it won’t break; I can keep refilling this during the day to stay hydrated and its easy to carry around.

Cliff Bars I don’t know about you but I seem to forget to eat at events on the regular; I always have something I can eat quickly that will give me an energy boost – PLUS this keeps me from the temptation to grab a cookie instead, ha!

Rocky Mountain Soap Company Vanilla Coconut Lip Butter Does this even need more of a description? A lot of hotels and conferences centres are super dry; to me there’s nothing worse than chapped lips.

Random Tidbits: Zip Drive, Sharpie, Pen & Notepad When it comes down to it, yes I always have my cell for emergencies BUT I love keeping notes on things I’m seeing during the event – ideas for next time or questions that I need to answer later.  And you never know when you may need to save a file, transfer a file from one computer to another or use a sharpie (trust me).

Most of these items I carry in a little cross-body purse that I can easily maneuver in. Pictured above is my absolute fav from Kate Spade.

Until next time,

 **All of the items listed were purchased by me and none of this post is sponsored. I’m not affiliated with any of the companies. I just love to talk about things that like**