My Top 3 Super Bowl Party Ideas

Confession – I’m a HUGE football fan, specifically of the New England Patriots so I’m pretty excited they’re in the Super Bowl this year!  I love to host a little gathering around Super Bowl whether or not my team is in the big game AND I encourage you to use it as a time to gather with family and friends to make it a Sunday Funday.

Here are a few ideas you can use to create a Super Bowl Soiree of your own:

1) Simple & Fun Food: To me Super Bowl is a time to have some fun in the kitchen – one of my favourites is to create a ‘Potato Bar.’ Bake some pre-packaged Potato Wedges and then provide all of those delicious toppings you’d normally use on a baked potato – Sour Cream, Onions, Cheese, Bacon – nomnomnom. Keep the rest of your food simple too – use ‘stadium food’ as your starting point for ideas such as popcorn, ‘pigs in a blanket,’ pretzels or chips & dip.

2) Make a (fun) wager out of It:  Even if you or your guests are not huge football fans, its still fun to have someone to cheer for during the game.  Take the number of people you have attending, divide into two – cut up pieces of paper, write one team’s name on half and the other team on the other half. When people arrive, ask them to pick ‘out of a hat’ and that’s the team they’ll be cheering for. You can always have a few little prizes on hand for the winners OR just bragging rights up for grabs!

3) Want to decorate a bit?  Use the teams in the big game as inspiration, specifically their jersey colours. Your local dollar store may even have some fun party supplies.  AND if you want to amp up your décor-game, grab some sheets of green astro-turf  from your local hardware store to cut out coasters from and/or use as placemats for your food.

We hope you have FUN with some of these ideas. If you want to check out how my little soiree is going, follow me on Twitter @jesskostka for photos & updates!

Until next time,