Planning Tools To Help You Get Organized for the Fall

Top 3 Planning Tools l

How has your summer been so far?

For me, I have definitely taken a bit of time off this summer to rest & recharge – lakes, cabins, cottages, baseball games, friends and family pretty much sum it up.

Now as I get back into the swing of things I’m planning for the Fall (can’t even believe it!) and using some tried and true planning tools.  Here are my top 3 planning tools I’ve created that I think you’ll love & will help you get planning too!

My 3-3-1 Planning Tool: I choose 3 small tasks, 3 medium and 1 big task per day. I’ve found this to be a much more manageable way to organize my days, weeks and months. It’s super clean and simple AND yes you can accomplish what you put down on paper!

Event Vision Planning Template: Sitting down and envisioning what you see for your event is the base for your event planning process. The vision for your event will be there to guide you throughout your planning process, especially when you are making key decisions. This template gives you 5 things to consider before you start planning your event & helps you create your event vision.

Planning Posts:  These are one of my go-to tools when I start planning any project.  What I like to do is print out one page per category of the project (i.e. venues, vendors, budget). Then, I write down all of the tasks related to that category to make my checklist AND I post them up in my office so that I can see the tasks upfront, checking them off as I go.

I hope these planning tools help you organize this Fall!

Until next time,