Spring Reboot

We’re lucky here in Calgary to be having just lovely Spring weather.  For me the warmer temperatures, sunshine and blue skies have motivated me to get organized and Spring clean, specifically with my business!

Included in this category is my desk – I just came off from a week of working three events and my desk suffered (even more) as a dumping ground for paper, pens, sharpies, scissors, tape, hockey pucks…the list goes on.

I booked in a few hours yesterday to allow myself to clean, organize, file and reboot after a hectic week.

I find this completely resets me to tackle the next projects and events – PLUS my desk and office are more organized – I find an organized and tidy space for me is a productive space!

Here are a few tips to help you reboot this Spring:

1) Make a plan:

Before you even start your reboot this Spring, make a plan as to what you’re ACTUALLY going to tackle.  Create a list of 3 ‘big’ items, 3 ‘medium’ and 1 ‘small.’  Then decide when you’d like to take-on each task.  It will make your list seem more realistic time and energy-wise.

2) Take the time:

Then, once you have your plan, BOOK the time in your schedule to complete your list items. Perhaps you do one a week, or a couple over a weekend – whatever works for you, setting aside the time will set you up for success.

3) Enjoy:

Once you’ve rebooted your office, home spaces, closet, whatever it is for you, take the time to enjoy the space again! Maybe you avoided a room in your house because it needed a reboot BUT after your plan is complete, it could become your favourite room again.

Do you have any other Spring reboot tips to share?  I’d love to hear from you so head on over to the blog and comment below the post!

Until next time,