Budget Types To Consider for Every Event

Types of Event Budgets l breakawaystrategies.ca

Can you believe holiday season is just around the corner?! I know we have Halloween to tackle first, however, I also know that many of you are starting to plan holiday parties and tackling an initial budget vision which includes setting clear budget goals before diving into the event planning process is essential to keeping things on track. Working through this initial budget vision will help you make better decisions about your event as you plan and you can always come …Read More

5 Questions to Help You Create Your Event Vision

Creating Your Event Vision l breakaway strategies.ca

A great place to start in your event planning process is to begin with defining your event vision. Events can have many purposes – enhance an idea, help you reach a desired audience, aid in selling a new business feature, connecting people face to face. Sitting down and envisioning what you see for the event is the base for your event planning process. Why is this important?  The vision for your event will be there to guide you throughout your planning …Read More

Calgary Stampede – A few tips from a local Calgarian

If you’re driving into town, you will probably see a sign that says “Welcome to Calgary, Heart of the New West” and to fellow calgarians we lovingly know our city as Cow Town. Out of 365 days there are 10 in particular where the entire city comes together to illustrate old western tradition, with new western flavor— The Calgary Stampede. The City is filled with fun and engaging events, ranging from corporate parties to fundraisers to breakfasts to the various …Read More

What else is happening as we close out May? It’s Celiac Awareness Month

Other than Mother’s Day, the month of May is also symbolic of many other events and awareness organizations. May is the month for celiac awareness, a disease in which the small intestine is hypersensitive to gluten, leading to difficulty in digesting food. This triggers an immune response in the body that damages the intestines of the person affected, preventing them from absorbing vital nutrients. I’m certain that it’s safe to say we have all seen or heard of gluten including …Read More