What do you want to finish by the end of the year?

What do you want to accomplish by the end of 2016? l breakaway strategies.ca

What do you want to accomplish before we ring in 2017? If you’re like me, you have many items on a list that have been there for months. There are certain items and tasks that I have been wanting to complete, however, I just don’t seem to be getting there. So, last year one of my good friend’s and I compiled all of our goals into one ‘Finish Line List’ to help us focus to finish those last items by …Read More

When you need a little extra motivation

With being an event planner I find my schedule goes through highs and lows pretty regularly – I will have a bunch of events all coming together at once and I am just FULL with work; then I come down from these times and my schedule is in more of a lull. I like the ebbs and flows and that is why I love what I do. But I will admit, during those times when it’s quite full I need …Read More