Budget Types To Consider for Every Event

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Can you believe holiday season is just around the corner?! I know we have Halloween to tackle first, however, I also know that many of you are starting to plan holiday parties and tackling an initial budget vision which includes setting clear budget goals before diving into the event planning process is essential to keeping things on track. Working through this initial budget vision will help you make better decisions about your event as you plan and you can always come …Read More

MeVest Community Gathering

Usually the only time I want to talk about finances is when I’m due for a raise, receiving my GST cheque or getting my tax receipt. Other than that, finances can often be a bit of a taboo subject when conversing with friends, family and coworkers. People often say you should never talk about religion, politics or money on the first date—well I just had an amazing first date at an event organized by MeVest, with guest speaker and well …Read More