5 Questions You Should ALWAYS Ask Before Booking a Venue

5 Questions You Should Always Ask Before Booking a Venue l breakaway strategies.ca

So here you are, you’ve narrowed down your venue choices for your upcoming event – it could be for a reunion, birthday, dinner, conference, dance, gala – any event. You’ve more than likely gathered the necessary details including whether the venue is available on your selected date, the cost for the venue and the deposit information. Now, how do you take the next step and make the decision? Before you make your final venue decision, here are some important questions …Read More

5 tips to make your Thanksgiving entertaining easy

Canadian Thanksgiving is right around the corner… Hosting any meal at your home is exactly like hosting a small event, especially when it comes to holidays.  Here are 5 of my favourite go-to tips to make your day seamless (and one that you can enjoy too!): Décor: Right now in stores there are a ton of squashes, pumpkins etc. in differing colours. A few of those centred on your Thanksgiving table can add that lovely Autumn touch (with little work!) …Read More