Create YOUR Perfect Day

What does your perfect day look like? A dear friend of mine gave me some great advice to think about recently – picture what your perfect day would look like AND make it happen, once per month. Mine involves waking up and treating myself to my favourite workout (Barre Class); then I grab a coffee & a treat from a local coffee shop and enjoy at my favourite park while taking some time to read or journal; I’d then go …Read More

Calgary Stampede – A few tips from a local Calgarian

If you’re driving into town, you will probably see a sign that says “Welcome to Calgary, Heart of the New West” and to fellow calgarians we lovingly know our city as Cow Town. Out of 365 days there are 10 in particular where the entire city comes together to illustrate old western tradition, with new western flavor— The Calgary Stampede. The City is filled with fun and engaging events, ranging from corporate parties to fundraisers to breakfasts to the various …Read More