5 Questions to Help You Create Your Event Vision

Creating Your Event Vision l breakaway strategies.ca

A great place to start in your event planning process is to begin with defining your event vision.

Events can have many purposes – enhance an idea, help you reach a desired audience, aid in selling a new business feature, connecting people face to face. Sitting down and envisioning what you see for the event is the base for your event planning process.

Why is this important?  The vision for your event will be there to guide you throughout your planning process, especially when you are making key decisions.

Whether you are hosting an in-person or virtual/webinar event, here are 5 things to consider before you start planning your event to help you create your event vision:

1) What is the overall purpose of your event?

  • Is the event a celebration or fundraiser? Are you trying to bring a certain group of people together? Is the event a sales or marketing function for your business? Does your event have an educational purpose?

2) What are the tangible goals of your event?

  • Do you want to sell a certain amount of tickets?  Do you want to have a certain amount of people attend your event (i.e. if its free)? Do you want to sell a certain amount of your product at your event or post-event?

3) What are the intangible goals of your event?

  • Are you trying to raise awareness about your product or service or cause? Are you trying to build community amongst a certain group of people? Have attendees walk away with an introduction to your business or cause?

4) How do you want attendees to feel at the event?

  • Do you want your attendees to walk away happy? Motivated to purchase something or make a decision? Feel like they’ve made a difference or can make a difference in some capacity?

5) Do you have a budget for your event?

  • Have you considered what your event may cost? Do you have a budget set aside for your event? Will your event depend on sponsors to cover some of the costs?

Once you answer these questions, you will have a more clear picture of where you’re headed with your event.

Keep your answers handy by downloading our Event Vision Planning Template and use them as a guide to inform all of the decisions you are making when planning your event.

Until next time,