An ‘old-school’ Mother’s Day

Mother’s day has snuck up on us again, and if you are like me, the holiday seems to surprise me every time, like can I get a warning? Now I don’t want to disrespect the holiday as I think the mothers of the world deserve a day to bask in their glory! It’s finding that perfect gift to show my appreciation that (a) I am never prepared for and (b) I can never seem to find it when I need it.  Thinking about it too much often spins me into a state of anxiety curable only by some Good Advice. (That’s the name of a cocktail somewhere right?)

Remember when you were 5 years old and that crayon drawing on a mother’s day card was the best gift ever!? Wouldn’t we all enjoy a throwback Thursday to those days?! Don’t underestimate the homemade card; if your mom is like mine, she will often put the gift you bought her to the side and ask for the card first. Take note of this and express yourself! Put it in writing, and show your mother what she means to you. I happen to think we were on to something! Don’t underestimate the savvy 5 year old, from a young age we were taught one of the most beautiful ways to show our appreciation. In a world where break up text messages and email dates are becoming the trend, sometimes it’s necessary to kick it old school and bring back the simplicity of a card, handwritten, in your own words. Trust me—this plan is bullet proof.

Now I know there’s a few of you “doctors” reading this and don’t worry- we will not address your unacceptable penmanship here. There are other alternatives for you. I know what you’re thinking – breakfast, lunch, brunch and dinner right? Sure. Have you made your reservations yet? For those of you who have, I congratulate you on your efficiency.  For those of you like me who are just running a little late on this one – scratch the eating out idea. Go to your local grocery store, heck – go to Sunterra or a specialty store and pick up some quality ingredients and make your mother a meal. Remember in the 4th grade when you made those coupons that were good for “washing the dishes, 1 meal, cleaning the living room etc?” Give her a chance to redeem those coupons and make her an unforgettable meal.  You can keep it simple, it’s the thought that counts. If the kitchen isn’t your strong suit you can always order in and cater the meal to her every need. Like really cater, pull out her chair, fold the napkins, set the table with the fine china, pour her a drink and enjoy some quality time with mom.

The most important thing to break-away with is the true meaning of Mother’s Day. Remember, this isn’t a holiday that requires you to set a time in your calendar…If you are going to spend, spend some time! It’s priceless. There is no dollar value for good conversation, a warm hug and the opportunity to really appreciate those special female figures in our lives, after all where would we be without them. This Mother’s Day, turn your moments into memories!

Until next time…