Get Dressed Up!

In the spirit of Halloween and all things dress-up and decor, here are my 3 favourite themed event ideas you can do in your own home – pick a theme and get creative!

1) Decade party (my personal fav is the 80s…think aerobics gear, neon, permed hair, scrunchies, leg warmers, Madonna, splatter paint, Grease, cassette tapes). Inspiration gathered from Pinterest

2) Favourite Place to Travel (my personal fav is Paris…think light pink colours, delicate desserts and cheeses, floral, espresso or champagne, fashion photos). Inspiration gathered from Pinterest 

3) Favourite Movie (my personal fav is Breakfast at Tiffany’s….think vintage, pearls,sparkly jewels, photos, tiara’s, the colour ‘Tiffany’ blue). Inspiration gathered from Pinterest

Do you have a favourite themed party you’ve thrown or have in mind for a future party?

Tell us in the comments below – we’d love to hear from you!

Until next time,