When you need a little extra motivation

With being an event planner I find my schedule goes through highs and lows pretty regularly – I will have a bunch of events all coming together at once and I am just FULL with work; then I come down from these times and my schedule is in more of a lull. I like the ebbs and flows and that is why I love what I do. But I will admit, during those times when it’s quite full I need …Read More

What are you doing this weekend?

By now you’ve realized I’m slightly obsessed with quotes – they inspire, they fire me up, they help me reflect and sometimes it’s just nice to know that a some point, some where, some one was thinking the exact same thing. I love sharing my favourites with you and after one heck of a week, I cannot wait for the weekend So this weekend, this is exactly what I’m going to be doing – ‘taking time to do what makes …Read More