Wedding Bells will ring

February may be known as the month of love, but June (and July thus far) has been filled with the showcase of this love, through commitment and vows of forever in the most beautiful fashion–weddings.

Earlier this month I was honored to take place in watching one of my closest friends tie the knot. And with all crying and emotions aside, I had the moment to really reflect on the meaning of love, as well as take the opportunity to be surrounded by love. It’s amazing, the way people come together for a wedding, young and old, flower girls and mothers of the bride, the best man down to the ring bearers. What I found truly remarkable was how much love people show one another during these special occasion events. Of course the attention is focused on the bride and groom as it should be, but people come together and set their differences aside to celebrate love and the excitement of seeing two people you love, love each other.

In a time where the fear of commitment no longer seems unordinary, and people are used to putting up walls in relationships, it is so refreshing to take part in something so raw and vulnerable. Weddings are just one of those life event where standing in front of all of your friends and family and proclaiming your those vows to the world– there’s nothing like it.  It’s so moving. The symbolism involved in the wedding process, the rings symbolizing a commitment of forever, something borrowed, something blue, something old and something new, family traditions, special dances, jumping brooms, breaking plates etc are all historic celebrations  of love that have been passed on from generation to generation.

“first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the baby in the baby carriage”. I can’t tell you how many times I have sung that song as a child, often mocking those childhood loves that we all swore would last forever. In a society where the order of what comes first is no longer conventional, there is a reason why the song is written with love first, because everything else in life should always be secondary!

As we head continue in ‘wedding season,’ here are a few fun tips to helping you enjoy weddings to the fullest:

–  DEFINITELY have kleenex or a handkerchief handy at all times
–  There will always be a funny moment, laugh accordingly
–  You can never take too many pictures
–  Don’t forget to eat
–  Don’t underestimate the joy of blowing bubbles
–  Dancing will burn off the calories from the cake, I promise
–  Make your card to the happy couple meaningful
–  Wear comfy shoes or bring a pair of flats to change into later
–  Pace yourself with the open bar, you don’t want to miss anything
–  Never under estimate the love that the bride and groom have for you, if you were not important, you wouldn’t be there

Until next time,