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5 Step Event Start-Up


  • The 5 Step Event Start-Up is your recipe for event success! A do-it-yourself product, the Guide and Workbook will take you through the beginning stages of planning your event and you’ll also receive key templates (Budget & Venue Finder) as well as a BONUS Event Checklist.

Kick Starter Package

  • Taking it a step further, the Kick-Starter will help start you on the right path to planning your next event. We dig deeper into key event elements during a Planning & Visioning Session. You are also provided with essential templates including a 90 Roadmap and two follow-up sessions which can be used to discuss your specific needs.
  • This is for you if:
    • You are planning an event but don’t know where to start
    • You need some guidance to get the event planning process started, then you will be planning and executing on your own
  • 90 Minute Planning & Visioning Session which includes (can be in person or via Phone, Skype or Google Chat):
    • Identifying your event vision
    • Identifying the event team and/or key players (i.e. volunteers, graphic designers, caterers etc.)
    • Identifying your budget vision and tips on how to create a budget including a template
    • Guidance on critical event elements such as audience, venue, catering and/or AV, entertainment
    • Identifying key milestones and tasks going forward
    • Venue Finder template, Budget Template, Event Checklist & 90 Day Roadmap
    • We’ll provide a 1-page recap document with recommendations & next steps
  • 2 x 45 Minute Follow-Up Sessions (via phone) to be used within 30 days of your event wrap-up
    • Clients’ discretion – You can use the sessions at your own pace, during your planning or post-event. You bring your queries and questions to the table.
  • Pricing: $550 + GST

A La Carte Event Enhancements

You may require support with additional areas of your event. We can tailor a quote based on your needs in any of the following areas:

  • Event Marketing
    • Marketing Plan Project Management
    • Strategy Development
    • Project Planning & Execution
    • Social Marketing
    • Creative Services
    • Production of Communication Materials
    • Media Procurement & Management
  • Event Sponsorship
    • Prospect Research
    • Proposal Development
    • Procurement
    • Sponsorship Activation
  • Guest Registration &/or Invitations
  • PR/Media
  • Speaker Management
  • Event Décor

Event Coaching

  • Do you feel stuck where you are in your event planning and just need a little boost to get you going again? Event Coaching is for you. Included is:
    • 2 x 45 minute sessions via Phone, Skype or GoogleChat
    • Summary of the two sessions, complete with Action Steps based on the needs that were discussed.
  • This is for you if:
    • You have an event idea but need a brainstorm to get clear or unstuck before moving forward
    • You’re already planning an event or planning to run the same event again but need help optimizing or bringing it to the next level
    • You are in the middle of planning an event but need help getting unstuck on certain area of planning (i.e. event marketing, building your audience, choosing a caterer or venue)
    • You’ve never run an event before and would like some starter tips & tricks to help get you on the right path
  • Pricing: $250 + GST

The Essential Event Planning Package

Based on your event planning requirements and wishes, we can tailor our event planning services to work directly with you throughout the entire process. We can either lead the process for you, taking the lead on managing the project and all of the event elements. Or, we co-lead the process with you – you and/or your team own some of the event planning pieces internally and we help to keep your larger event vision in focus, your plan on track and the team accountable.

  • This is for you if:
    • You are creating a brand new event or implementing one that has been running for years, however, you need someone to take the reins and lead from the beginning of planning seeing through to event execution.
    • Your event is run by Committee or Team but you need someone to work keep the bigger vision in mind, keep the project plan on time and the team accountable.
    • This is your first time planning an event and you need a teammate to guide you through the process, leading or working with you on all event elements.
    • You have run this event before but need another teammate to help with a few pieces of the event planning puzzle.
  • Elements can include:
    • Introductory meeting to determine event vision and objective as well as identify any elements you’ve already started on
    • Overall Logistics and Project Management including managing an event checklist and critical path
    • Research and source key event elements including venue, catering, Audio Visual and registration/invitation needs
    • Research, book and/or manage venue and catering bookings
    • Site Visits: with the chosen venue, 1-2 site visits (depending on needs) and will create a Site Plan for the Event Day
    • Budget Creation & Monitoring including determining budget vision
    • Volunteer Role Creation, Recruitment and/or Coordination for event day
    • Related Pick-Ups of items such as event supplies, décor, prizes, signage etc (to be planned in advance in terms of accountability for each)
    • Regular Communication & Project Updates via email and/or phone as well as opportunity for in-person meetings planned in advance
    • Pre-Event Team Meeting to run through the event schedule, flow of the event and any troubleshooting prior to the event
    • Day-Of Logistics Management including creating a production schedule and leading event day execution
    • Post Event Debrief and provide a Debrief Report with key learnings and recommendations